LATEST NEWS Bambous and Chemin Grenier Conversion Centres will be definitely closed as from 20 August. You may go to the National Identity Card Unit (NIC) of Rose-Hill et Mahebourg respectively to collect your new card.  |  The MNIS team informs you that Triolet Conversion Centre will be closed as from 20 August but you will still be able to collect your new card there. Do not wait until the last minute to make your card !  |  New conversion centres nearest to you- Baie du Tombeau (25/08-03/09), Camp Chapelon (25/08-03/09), Jumbo Phoenix (22/08-07/09) Pamplemousses (16/08- 27/08)
11/08 – Permanent closure of 3 Conversion Centres
The MNIS team informs the citizens that the following...
La date limite de validité de l'ancienne...

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